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Volvo S60 at Volvo Village Danvers

“Why Should I Buy Or Lease A Volvo Instead Of A Jaguar?”

It’s an interesting question, one in which many Volvo dealerships would never ask themselves. The same question can be asked if the roles were reversed. Why should I or anyone buy or lease a Volvo, Audi, Mercedes Benz, or BMW instead of a Jaguar? Car dealerships across the country are great at trying to sell you a car, but they’re not so great at convincing you to buy the cars they have on their lots. Instead of being the primary source of information and answering consumers’ questions through great content on their social media accounts, car dealerships let car magazines and independent automotive journalists shape and influence consumers’ buying decisions. That’s a mistake.

Depending on what your personal buying preference is, leasing is becoming an option for car buyers who want to drive luxury cars rather than getting stuck with a Toyota or Honda that they may not like. Thanks to leasing prices, Volvo and Jaguar can actually be cross shopped which was unthinkable a year ago. The Volvo S60 T5 and the Jaguar XE 25t and XE 35t are within the same monthly payment range, giving consumers yet another choice to make in the compact sedan luxury car market.

What are car dealerships doing to attract consumers to the brand they sell? Nothing. If I’m the social media marketer for either a Volvo or Jaguar dealership, I’m creating videos and high quality photos that can be shared on all social media platforms. Through this content, I’d provide information on features, specifications, fuel consumption, lease prices, and MSRP for the consumers who’d prefer to buy. Instead of mentioning the rival brand and what they offer, the goal of the content being created is to sell car buyers on the S60 or XE before they walk through the dealership’s doors.

By using effective advertising campaigns, with a little help of polk data provided by Facebook, I can target potential Jaguar and or Volvo car buyers who are in the market to purchase a vehicle. With the one minute high quality videos that I produced, I’d get peoples’ attentions which will ultimately lead them to the dealership’s inventory page. More importantly, those one minute videos can be shared to Instagram and Twitter as well to maximize the reach and effectiveness of the content.

Not only is having an advertising budget important, but finding ways to reach as many people as possible organically is a must. Which is why posting content that fits on all platforms, guarantees its success rate.

Car dealerships don’t spend time creating content or try attempting to play a role in consumers’ buying decisions. One piece of content that answers car buyers questions could be the difference between them buying a Volvo or Jaguar. Another aspect of using high quality content and effectively advertising it on social media is that you gain the upper hand on the dealership who sells the exact same brand 30 miles away. That advantage is crucial, not only because you’re going to be the Volvo or Jaguar dealership car buyers flock to, but that video you shared could determine what brand the car buyer chooses.

As a car enthusiast, on paper the Jaguar XE appears to be the better lease offer. I get into a much more prestigious brand, if I choose the XE 35t I also get more horsepower, and the exterior and interior styling would certainly garner attention and get looks. With that said, there’s the chance many consumers who would lease their next car feel the same way. That’s why it would be in the Volvo dealership’s best interest to create content the sways and alters a purchase decision. No matter which side of the brand spectrum you are on in this particular case, the answer is clear. Produce great content that informs and persuades car buyers to purchase to lease from your dealership, and not the rival brand down the street.

Social media marketing is crucial to increasing sales. By not having a presence on Facebook, Instagram, etc, you’re letting car magazines and YouTubers determine what consumers buy. Be the primary source of information and take advantage of the tools social media has to offer. When it comes to car sales, you can’t afford to be the second or third option.

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How Realtors Sell Houses Will Change With Social Media

In the last six years, social media has changed how we conduct business, acquire customers, and advertise on both a local and national scale. The ability to reach anyone, even those who reside outside the country, has given small businesses the chance to compete on a global scale. But for business segments that thrive off domestic and local markets, you have to go to new depths to sell anything, whether products, cars, and even property. The real estate market has slowly begun to implement social media marketing elements, but realtors could take their marketing strategies to a whole new level with the power of live streaming and video.

When we think of buying real estate, open houses are probably one of the first things that come to mind in the buying process. Perfect for the new home buyer to get an idea of what they’re looking for, open houses gives people who are in the market for a home the opportunity to get a look inside and try picturing their futures living there. With social media, a new element can be added that is both convenient for the potential buyers and beneficial to the realtor; Facebook live or promoted video post.

Live streaming is on the rise, and one market that could certainly use it is real estate. By going live, a realtor could have a virtual open house the day before and walk through the rooms to showcase the house’s greatest features. This adds a layer on convenience for those who can’t make it, and for the realtor, live streaming or any form of video helps build their own personal brand. By posting any form of video with you presenting the property you’re selling, your brand takes center stage, and if you present yourself as a professional and friendly, it’s very likely you’ll start seeing more referrals as sales increase.

Paired with Facebook advertising, your videos whether live or previously recorded, can be shared to people’s timelines who are looking to buy a home. While websites like Zillow and Redfin have made finding new property easier, there’s no argument that going the extra mile by having a virtual open house or tour could be the deciding factor for interested prospects. Realtors are no longer at the mercy of interested buyers, and can now go directly to them to draw them into new properties in the desired areas they want to reside in.

Facebook isn’t the only platform where video can be beneficial, but is still a crucial part of a successful marketing strategy to selling homes. YouTube allows realtors to go much more in-depth than going live by producing eye catching video. These edited videos with music and clear shots of the exterior, interior, and backyard could be the realtor’s version of HGTV, whether the property is being presented by the realtor or a tastefully done video that grabs the attentions of viewers where they can dream of living in that house. Much like walk around shots of an exotic car, the same rules apply to real estate as they’re both sought after, and if presented right, could move someone to buy. Since video is multi-platform friendly, Facebook then becomes more important as your YouTube video can be shared to your timeline, or can be uploaded directly from your computer to your Facebook page.

Real estate is in need of going through a transformation. HGTV has become popular due to consumers’ desire to buy homes. By having that mentality with the real estate you’re selling, you can be the HGTV on a local scale, where you’re not only presenting beautiful homes, but also enticing local house buyers to show up to open houses and take a look for themselves. Social media is adding a new dimension to how we consume everything, and real estate should be no exception.

Marketing Matters: A New Way To Attract Customers For Contractors

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As in any industry, putting all your eggs in one basket when it comes to marketing and advertising must be avoided at all costs. Whether it’s social media, a website, blog, or an E-mail newsletter, a sound marketing strategy must incorporate every aspect of advertising to become noticeable. Over the next few weeks I’m going to target specific industries and discuss ways businesses can get more exposure by thinking outside the box, by being creative and using social media technologies that not many companies have implemented into their marketing strategies yet.

First, let’s take a look at how private contractors all across this sector can stand out and attract more clients and customers.

For plumbers, electricians, home remodelers, and other home improvement related businesses, they have a better opportunity than any other industry to market their services through YouTube videos. These aren’t the video’s you see from time-to-time where a contracting company talks about itself, what they do, or where they are; the generic business ad that after a while becomes redundant. There are a few strategies that can be used to show your expertise, who your company is, and really personalize your message that creates confidence in the customer before they pick up the phone and call you.

1) Tutorial/How to videos

Simple five to ten minute videos that go over projects ranging from the easy to fix, to skilled jobs should be posted over time on your YouTube channel. You may ask, “How does this help my business and grow my clientele?” By showing what you or your company can do creates trust in the future potential client, but also, it’s not likely these viewers will do the work themselves, they’ll call professionals. Having videos that link to, or are on your site adds to your credibility, and even though these “how to videos” may seem simple, they can go a long way when it comes to marketing and advertising your business.


Only a few other businesses have employed this form of marketing known as Youtility, but you’ll be surprised how effective it can be. As contractors, you’re always giving the customer or client the options when it comes to certain projects, such as sinks, tiles, wood floors, etc. However, you lay down their options when you show up on site, wasting valuable time for both you and the client. Instead of answering the questions or persuading the customer when you show up, post videos on YouTube that already answer the questions and give the viewer reassurance that one texture, tile, or floor is better than the other.

This is also a good opportunity to engage with the viewer, as there is a possibility that they’re watching your videos to see what might work for their situation. If they have a question, create a video based on what the commenter is asking,  giving other viewers who will come to your channel that may have the same question the answer. You could also have at the end of every video a two minute section that answers a slew of questions, giving them recommendations and the information that they’re seeking.

When creating these videos, you must present yourself as assuming that these viewers will do the job themselves when in actuality, 95% will call a professional instead. At the end of every video or in the section below, post your contact information and website URL to direct traffic to your site, increasing the chance of viewers picking up their phones and calling you for their next project.

In this day and age with Google, Yahoo! and Bing, you must present the customer or client with information. Many businesses fail in this department as they only talk about their company and what they do, completely missing out on reaching potential customers who are looking for answers. The days of people looking in the Yellow Book and finding a contractor are over. They want to know what you’re going to do for them, how long the job will take, and what options they have when it comes to the project itself.

Information; it creates trust and credibility. When you pull up in front of their house, the trust should already be there and the client should be satisfied before the job is done. Use YouTube in your marketing strategy and see where it will take you. Not many businesses are utilizing all the tools at their disposal, and if you can reach the customers and inform them first, your chances of getting the job will definitely increase.

Marketing Matters: Is SEO Overrated and Outdated From A Customer’s Point of View?

Business owners and companies around the globe are constantly looking for ways to attract customers and reach out to people. One of the most popular and well-known forms of marketing and advertising over the internet is by utilizing SEO and Google Adwords.  But are the days of customers or future buyers using Google and being lead to a website that used the correct words to be at the top of search results coming to a close? The answer is yes, but many companies and even marketing consultants still preach SEO as if that’s the only way to draw in views and potential customers.

Having recently bought a car, and currently reading Youtility that was co-written by Jay Baer, I’m beginning to see that there is a flaw in how businesses market and rely upon SEO.  When it comes to the automotive world, think from a customer’s point of view, and apply it to other sectors of the economy.

After a few weeks of research and narrowing down the list of potential vehicles, the first step I had taken was to visit Cars.com because of their reputation and history as being a place to find a wide variety of new and used vehicles. While they advertise on television, the years of it’s existence and it’s simplicity made it the perfect resource to see what my choices were. Next, once the decision came down to three vehicles, I didn’t go on Google searching information on the car so I could read endless pages and reviews, I went to YouTube to visually see, hear, and in some cases watch the reviewer drive the vehicle. Whether these individuals make money off of these 5 minute videos or not, it’s a form of marketing; video advertising.

Once the decision was made and I found the dealership where the car I wanted was, I went to that dealer’s website, or the source that contains the product I want to buy. When I saw that it was available, I made the trip to go see it and later bought that car.

The three steps that were taken to buy the product weren’t the traditional SEO or Google search that has been taught for years as the most affective form of marketing. While this was and sometimes still is the case; visual advertising, reputation, and the source itself didn’t require SEO to get me to view, research, and later buy.

So now let’s tie this into other examples and products or services that can use other forms of marketing that aren’t directly related to SEO. For instance say you’re a plumber, carpenter, electrician, or anyone who works on houses. You have the skills and the demand in the industry, but how do you establish yourself and break away from the rest of the other private contractors out there?

Create YouTube videos, especially those that are simple tutorials that inform and help the viewer install an item or how to use a certain tool to fix a problem. This may seem counterintuitive, but most of the viewers won’t install or fix these things by themselves, they will call a professional and pay someone to do the work. By putting yourself out there, saying a quick blurb about who you are  or what company you work for and your experience in the field, that pays immediate dividends over other forms of marketing because that viewer can personally see you.

One thing to remember is that in this day and age with social media, marketing has to become personal. The customer or client must have a connection with the contractor, business owner, or the company before they buy into a service or product.

The days of SEO are ending. The days of the customer using these Adword searches are ending. Helping these potential buyers visualize, answering their questions and concerns, and giving them the feeling of trust is the best and most affective way of marketing and advertising.

There is a lot more that needs to be covered regarding other avenues that attract clients and customers in all industries. Over the next few weeks and months I will take an in-depth look at new ways companies are trying to reach people. Hopefully I can persuade you to take the next step into a new era of marketing and advertising that hasn’t been explored or used by many businesses and even marketing consultants.

Being the Face of Your Business Can Instill Trust In Your Customers

Lucille's Diner Owner: Jamaica, Queens
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In marketing, there is no better advertiser than you, the owner, the CEO, the expert in your field. Many times small business owners look to others to go on camera or advertise their products for them. In the New England area, there are a few examples of business owners being in the spotlight, being the marketer to the consumer by appearing in commercials. For those of you in other parts of the country, or even the world, you’ve probably seen regional businesses owners on television, showing their face to the public in a commercial. For the smaller businesses out there, you can do the exact same thing. Your outlet is youtube.

Marketing goes beyond e-mailing, tweeting, and posting articles about what you do. Having you on the screen in a video, or your picture on a website, connects the consumer to you even if you never say a word to the person who is viewing the content or watching the videos. Seeing the business owner’s face, or the people that work at the company, instills trust in the customer because they see you as open, friendly, and down to earth. Words on a web page is one thing, but showing the viewer who you really are goes much further.

Even if you’re not in the video, having people who represent your company, or satisfied customers who have enjoyed your products and services, can go a long way. Multiple aspects of marketing coming together, such as video, a webpage, and using social media effectively will ensure the customer that they’re making the right decision spending their time and money going to your store.

Taking a look at the examples that I mentioned earlier, Jordan’s Furniture which is now owned by Warren Buffet, was started by two brothers. Even though they sold the company, one of the brothers, Elliot, still appears in the commercials, giving the impression that he still has a say in how the company is run and that he is still around. Some companies who advertise on television in which the original owner is deceased or has sold the business, do poorly because that friendly face who everyone identified as the owner, is no longer there or family members don’t appear in the new ads.

Another example is Ernie Boch’s car dealerships which is now run by his son, Ernie Boch Jr. Having the son’s voice in commercials, even though he also sold the business, once again shows that he still has control, even if that’s not the case. When it comes to marketing or advertising on a television screen or computer monitor, customers want to see a familiar face, one that they can relate to or feel comfortable with. If the customer perceives the owner and spokesperson to be a certain way, they’ll assume the business is a reflection of who they see in the commercials. When it comes to visual advertising, you, or someone that reflects the company should be in the video; it’s not a must, but highly recommended.

Think about your advertising and marketing, especially on youtube. That, along with advertising on your website and social media is highly recommended. You’re the face of your business, so show the customers who you are and how your company is run. Just as content on a website is bare without a picture or two, the same could be said when not marketing with a face, logo, or something customers can relate to. Before buying, consumers want to believe in the owner as well as the product, so present yourself as friendly and professional.