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Mike MeI’m a 23 year old college student from Boston Massachusetts; creator of bostonbball.com. I’ve been writing for over five years, and in that time span I have been an editor for Hardwood Houdini, which is a blog on the Fansided Network. My job was to manage four other writers along with maintaining the site with the other editors of Fansided.

In the time that I had spent at Hardwood Houdini, from June of 2012 to April of 2013, my articles were being posted on Sports Illustrated in the Boston Celtics section, after Fansided and SI agreed to a deal sharing all of the Fansided Network’s content in August 2012.

Bostonbball was a way for me to connect with basketball fans, especially in Boston. Writing in a professional-like tone and considering my blog as my job were my standards. Over time, along with writing about sports, Business and its effects on not only my life but everyone else’s became a fascination. Seeing that writing and business go hand-in-hand I was able to connect a talent with an interest and gear my writing towards the corporate world.

I’m also the founder of BostonAutoBlog.com. Cars are a passion, and by combining that with the business and marketing aspect of the automotive world, I come from a different point of view many consumers don’t consider.

Being a business marketing major, social media marketing has become the main focus for my own personal blog. Many businesses are still behind the curve and not utilizing social media platforms to their advantage and to grow their customer base. By sharing my knowledge, I hope to influence businesses to invest time and money into their social media marketing, engage with their followers and customers, and see the positive results.

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