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Being the Face of Your Business Can Instill Trust In Your Customers

Lucille's Diner Owner: Jamaica, Queens
Jorge Quinteros / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

In marketing, there is no better advertiser than you, the owner, the CEO, the expert in your field. Many times small business owners look to others to go on camera or advertise their products for them. In the New England area, there are a few examples of business owners being in the spotlight, being the marketer to the consumer by appearing in commercials. For those of you in other parts of the country, or even the world, you’ve probably seen regional businesses owners on television, showing their face to the public in a commercial. For the smaller businesses out there, you can do the exact same thing. Your outlet is youtube.

Marketing goes beyond e-mailing, tweeting, and posting articles about what you do. Having you on the screen in a video, or your picture on a website, connects the consumer to you even if you never say a word to the person who is viewing the content or watching the videos. Seeing the business owner’s face, or the people that work at the company, instills trust in the customer because they see you as open, friendly, and down to earth. Words on a web page is one thing, but showing the viewer who you really are goes much further.

Even if you’re not in the video, having people who represent your company, or satisfied customers who have enjoyed your products and services, can go a long way. Multiple aspects of marketing coming together, such as video, a webpage, and using social media effectively will ensure the customer that they’re making the right decision spending their time and money going to your store.

Taking a look at the examples that I mentioned earlier, Jordan’s Furniture which is now owned by Warren Buffet, was started by two brothers. Even though they sold the company, one of the brothers, Elliot, still appears in the commercials, giving the impression that he still has a say in how the company is run and that he is still around. Some companies who advertise on television in which the original owner is deceased or has sold the business, do poorly because that friendly face who everyone identified as the owner, is no longer there or family members don’t appear in the new ads.

Another example is Ernie Boch’s car dealerships which is now run by his son, Ernie Boch Jr. Having the son’s voice in commercials, even though he also sold the business, once again shows that he still has control, even if that’s not the case. When it comes to marketing or advertising on a television screen or computer monitor, customers want to see a familiar face, one that they can relate to or feel comfortable with. If the customer perceives the owner and spokesperson to be a certain way, they’ll assume the business is a reflection of who they see in the commercials. When it comes to visual advertising, you, or someone that reflects the company should be in the video; it’s not a must, but highly recommended.

Think about your advertising and marketing, especially on youtube. That, along with advertising on your website and social media is highly recommended. You’re the face of your business, so show the customers who you are and how your company is run. Just as content on a website is bare without a picture or two, the same could be said when not marketing with a face, logo, or something customers can relate to. Before buying, consumers want to believe in the owner as well as the product, so present yourself as friendly and professional.