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Social Media Matters: Are Websites Still Necessary For Businesses?

In a marketing sense, Facebook and Twitter have revolutionized how businesses advertise their products and reach out to their customers. Is it possible that the days of the website directing traffic to the company are over?

When going to a business’s website, whether it’s a store down the street, marketing firm, or contracting company, what do they all have in common? Usually an about page, what they do, who’s the owner, and how the long the company has been in business. There will be a contact information section where customers can see where the store is, what number to call, or who to e-mail. But social media, especially Facebook, can do all these things and more.

One of the biggest issues facing business owners is drawing in viewers and potential customers. SEO, or “search engine optimization”, has been taught to be the most effective way to reach a countless number of people, but business owners and even bloggers, either don’t have the time to learn it, or just don’t want to do it period. This is where the power of Facebook comes in.

“Like” pages can be a simpler solution and much easier to maintain than a website or blog. You can get your point across in a few sentences, post pictures of your product, and connect with your customers on a more personal level that websites can’t offer. Your contact information will be at the top of the page with your company’s phone number, and address if you have a brick and mortar store.

Best of all, you can advertise your Facebook page with ads that specifically target people who will be interested in what you’re selling. For $5 to $20 a day you can get the word about your business out to customers, with a certain amount of “likes” daily varying on how much money you spend on the Facebook ads. So far there have been a few companies who have only marketed and advertised on Facebook through ads on their page, and are reaping the benefits for it.

It’s still taught that social media should reinforce the main website, but after seeing firsthand that companies can thrive on social media alone, the website may not be as necessary as previously thought. If you already have a website, that’s great, but take the next step and get on social media. The future of marketing and advertising is here, and you want to be at the front of the line before your competitors finally see the potential social media has on their businesses.

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