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Avoid the Saturation Point When Posting Content on Social Media

Social Media
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When discussing social media marketing, questions are constantly being brought up by people who are new to incorporating social media into their marketing strategy for their business. One of the questions is, “How often should I post updates to my social media accounts?” Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get opposing answers. Some say at least two times a day on Facebook, over a handful on Twitter, and posting pictures daily on Instagram and Pinterest. Sometimes you won’t find the exact answer until you start engaging with your followers, or the business sector you’re in may require more or less posting. However, there is a saturation point to social media marketing, and the minute you give your followers too much, they’ll leave or ignore future posts.

Facebook is a prime example as posting too much could desensitize your audience and consequently, they’ll either unsubscribe to your updates or unfollow completely. Posting the same content every week is redundant, and continuously sharing your business or brand to the same people more than three or four times a day makes the viewer avoid what you’re selling more than attracting them to your website or online store.

You must create engaging content that’s fresh and new that your followers haven’t seen before. This also includes when you constantly post memes and nothing else, your followers will eventually get bored, or if you just share content that makes your customers read 800-1200 word articles. There must be a balance when it comes to marketing on social media; sharing a picture or meme at 8am in the morning, posting an article at noon, and sharing a video at 7pm at night is an example of that balance. Of course, it really depends on your customer base and followers, as they’ll help you notice what works and what doesn’t. Pictures always work as potential customers love visuals, while articles may not be the appropriate choice for your audience.

Twitter on the other hand can go either way. Posting too little starves your followers and they’ll eventually leave for someone who is always relevant and sharing tweets in a timely manner. But sharing too many tweets at once may have an affect on traffic that you’re directing to your site, as your followers may not read all of the tweets, unless your posting quality content that is a must read.

Ultimately it’s your customers and followers that will dictate how often you post on the social media platforms you operate. If you’re sharing quality content, great pictures, helpful tips, and intriguing videos that promote your business, you can post less and still get outstanding engagement that further develops your relationship with your customers. Remember, in all fan bases there is a saturation point. When they get more than enough, they’ll either be overwhelmed or will avoid future content. Give them enough to enjoy, but make them crave for more!

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