Social Media Marketing Shouldn’t Just Be About Sales

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Since social media marketing’s existence, there have been doubts cast upon this marketing strategy by old school marketers who specialize in web content and SEO. Even those who aren’t in the marketing and advertising industry are either skeptical or hesitant to look to a new way of attracting and growing a customer base. For the ones who’ve hopped on the social media bandwagon, they see marketing on multiple platforms as a money making opportunity which it is, but shouldn’t be the only reason to use this one of a kind marketing tool.

What is so unique about having social media into one’s marketing strategy is that it’s a way to promote a brand that wouldn’t have gotten exposure 20 years ago. As important as sales are, brand awareness should be a very close second when it comes to your priorities on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Besides using Facebook ads, why are users coming to your fan page or Twitter account? Never look at it as they searched on the internet or your account was in the suggestion box and they just happened to find you among other companies who are in my business sector. Those viewers want to see and get to know your brand, whether they searched it on Google, heard about your business from a friend, or saw a tweet you posted that’s been shared and retweeted among your followers.

A company based in Dublin, Virginia by the name of BimmerWorld, happens to be a business that specializes in tuning and adding on after market parts to BMW’s. They are also a race team and member of the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge who race primarily on circuit tracks, competing against teams that drive Camaros, Mustangs, Porsches, Aston Martins, and other street tuner sports cars.

Being a car enthusiast I watched a portion of one of the races they competed in, and later searched the association and league they’re a member of. Thinking they were only a racing team, it was a surprise to find out they were also a business in the automotive industry.

Their Facebook page combines both their business and racing aspects, and has a strong following of over 12,500 fans. Not only did I find out who they were, I also learned more about the racing league they’re in. By doing this, I’m now aware of their brand and of the races they are a part of, which means they also promoted the sport and association they compete in.

Think from a consumer’s point of view and ponder whether you’d do the same; watch something on TV and then search to find out more. Your main goal is to find that website or Facebook page and learn as much as you can about the product or business. That is how you should look at your potential customers and fans. They want to learn and know who you are before buying into what you sell. By promoting your brand on social media, your exposing what you do, who you are, and what you sell, and if you can successfully convince the potential fan and customer, you will make money off of social media.

Remember, when it comes to all forms of marketing, the main goal should be to promote your brand and show the customer that there is another alternative, and that your business sells a better product, or does a service better than your competitors.

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