Marketing Matters: Why It’s Important To Start Blogging

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Last week I wrote an article discussing blogging and how it can further advance your business or career. This time, let’s go over why creating a blog is important for anyone at any age. I had briefly glossed over the importance of writing for college students and looked deeper into the effects a blog can have on a small business. But blogs aren’t exclusive to certain interests or situations, and the pros, even if writing isn’t taken seriously at first, completely out-weigh the cons of not starting at all.

Whether you’re a high school or college student, an experienced worker in a particular industry, or someone who has a passion for a hobby, all can make a splash on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to write about sports, model planes, cars, your business, or advice, there are many aspects of creating a blog that aren’t considered when first starting out.

Starting at the age of 17, I created my first blog, It was a way for me to discuss basketball and the Celtics without disturbing friends with endless tweets and statuses, but it was more of a hobby than a serious daily blog. As the months and years passed, my writing along with viewership started to grow, and my credibility did the same. This all lead me to becoming an editor for another blog, which means 300 articles weren’t written in vain, and people were reading.

The same outcome can happen to you as long as you’re persistent and continue to publish articles and content. The first few articles might be a bit rough, but as you start getting into a rhythm, you’ll begin to notice that you’re writing bigger and better posts that begin to look as if a professional writer now handles the blog.

Start out small, write about something you like to gain experience in writing. Being a student, I know how boring written assignments are, but they become easier as you’ve written articles before. It doesn’t matter if your blog is related to school or not, you’re ability to write translates to the classroom. From a blogging perspective, don’t think no one will read your blog, in fact people are constantly seeking for information on any subject, and if you can supply them with the information they’re looking for, they’ll return. As the viewership and followers begin to amass, you’ll most definitely get noticed. But along with the blog, creating a Twitter account to compliment it further enhances what you’re writing and accomplishing.

As time goes on, interests may change, and that’s where creating an endless amount of blogs comes in. Most likely, after a few years you’re now looking at a certain career; write about it! Employers want experience, and if you can display that in a blog, you’ll have a better chance of getting the job you’re applying for, or you might be offered one instead. Blogging has no boundaries, and for you students don’t limit yourselves, as having an open mind can take you a long way.

For graduates and people already in the workforce, start a blog too. Show the world your knowledge and the value you can bring to a company. The confidence that blogging can bring might lead you to starting your own business, as you realize you know more about your industry than you thought. You may now have a portfolio that employers can see, making your blog(s) a résumé that contributes to the experience you have in that field.

Most importantly though, for a personal or business blog to be a success, a Twitter and Facebook account must be linked to the blog you’re writing. Articles can be shared, potentially growing the viewership to levels you didn’t think possible, but also you can connect with people in the industry and continuously learn more, even if you’re not a student.

Blogging brings many benefits and it would be a mistake to not create one and see how far it can be taken. Just as a small business, blogs grow, not only in followers, but as you learn to write better and be more creative, the website itself begins to take shape. To quote the Nike catch phrase, “Just Do It”, and see what the future brings.

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