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Not Having A Website For Your Business Is A Costly Mistake

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In the age of social media, Yelp, and Angie’s List, some might think that websites for small businesses may have lost their effectiveness, but that belief couldn’t be more wrong. As an owner of a web design business, BostonWebWorx, I’m constantly looking for businesses that desperately need a website or a redesign, but more often then not, I’m noticing small businesses, especially in the contacting industry, just advertising and using Yelp, Angie’s List, and the Yellow Pages. While it seems that business owners have bought into the social media age, they’re missing out on one key component to a marketing strategy that helps them stand out, a website.

The biggest issue with this is the fact that these companies are just one of millions trying to compete with others who may have a better looking profile on these sites. Not only are they competing for clients, they’re competing against themselves to have a more enticing profile, and that’s a complete waste of energy. There is a belief that since we are in the 21st century, websites have become obsolete because a Facebook or Twitter profile can provide all the necessary information for clients and customers. But with this attitude and flocking towards modern marketing, the door is wide open for a strong, classy website that portrays you as a professional business that exudes experience and class.

Anyone can create a good looking Facebook or Twitter profile by having a nice cover and profile photo, and a strong statement consisting of 140 characters, but the real selling point is when you show your client that you’re offering much more with a quality website. You’re showing that you’re not some young social media marketer behind the scenes posting content on a profile everyday, but you’re a legitimate business that presents itself with class and shows the customer that you’re going to provide them with the best service or product that your competitors can’t offer.

Don’t get me wrong, having accounts on all social media platforms is great for brand awareness, but those profiles can’t reflect one quality, and that’s professionalism. Your websites needs to be where the traffic for your social media sites ends up, and that’s where you make the final sale. You’re basically leaving a breadcrumb trail on the Internet, which eventually ends up at your site with all the contact information and further reasons as to why that customer should choose your business.

Let’s also remember that while businesses are becoming “social” with their customers, they’re forgetting that there still needs to be the final call to action, and that’s to make the sale. With a quality web design, and strong message, you’ll stand out from all the other small businesses in your industry. For those of you in the contracting field, while you’re still competing with other businesses, you have the one card that makes all the difference, the website.

Don’t become a victim of the game where you start out competing on Yelp or Angie’s List; your website needs to be on the front page, at least first or second on this list after searching your company on Google. Too often do I see Yelp and Angie’s List first and no business website, and that is a major mistake that puts you in the backseat, while the other businesses who do have websites of their own are driving the car and they’re getting all the attention and looks. Become the driver of your own vehicle, get the attention that you deserve and provide the quality service that your customers deserve, because you have the experience and professionalism to give it to them.

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