The Information and Resources Needed To Succeed Is In Front Of Us

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boltron- / Foter / CC BY-SA

Whether it was studying for a history test, searching for information about your favorite car, or wanting to pick up and learn new moves on the basketball court, all the answers and resources were right in front us. The same can be applied when starting a business or making that hobby into something more. Sports teaches us a lot, from where hard work and dedication gets you, to learning the importance of teamwork and going through adversity together that makes you stronger as a team. Yet there is one aspect of our love of sports that’s never applied to in the real world, our answer to someone telling us we can’t.

In the business world we’re constantly told we can’t; we can’t compete with the big companies; we’re not going to acquire clients because the more experienced business will attract them with their flashy website or ads they use. It wasn’t too long ago when we were in high school and felt the disappointment of not making one of the sports teams. However, even without consciously thinking about it, you got back up and started playing pickup basketball, or got a group of friends together and played a game of tackle football. You said, “Yes I can”, to the coach and the players who made the team, but you also continued to pursue what you loved, playing the one sport that made you happy despite not being a good player.

In that time your love for that sport grew, and it didn’t become a chore because that’s what you loved to do, which showed to the people around you. You might ask how this relates to business. In business, you’ll always hear the word no or you can’t because you weren’t gifted with an ability, or you didn’t have the right qualifications because you had the wrong degree. However, just as with sports, this business is your passion, and you’re willing to learn whatever is necessary to make it work. That information can be researched on the Internet, but the resources that are at you disposal that can make your dreams a reality are already in front of you, but you have to make it work.

For the kid who loved basketball, all he needed was a basketball court, sneakers, and hoop to continue playing the sport he loved, even if he didn’t make the team. Or the car enthusiast who loves talking about the newest vehicles on the road, has endless videos on Youtube to watch, countless magazines to read, and may even have a few cars at his disposal to drive and write a few reviews on to show his knowledge in that field.

Small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs have resources in their fields that can help them become experts and experienced companies and business owners. The idea that you have to be an expert from day one is a lie. For those who scratch and claw their way to success, they’ll be better for it in the end because they went through those battles and experiences. What kept them in the game was the passion to be successful in something they loved.

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