How Social Media Marketing Can Change the Perception of Marketers

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The advertising and marketing industry is always looked down upon by consumers, and rightly so. At least once in their lifetime they were fooled into buying a product that either didn’t live up to expectations or was a complete waste of money that some cold-calling marketer, or even salesperson, pressured them into buying. With movies depicting advertising agents and marketers in a bad light, the perception consumers have of the industry isn’t a good one, but with social media that can all change. Needless to say, there will still be dishonest marketers trying to make money off customers, but for the honest ones, here is your time to shine.

Social media marketing, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform, gives the marketer the opportunity to be not only professional, but social and real. Just as the company he or she works for, the marketer has a reputation that can easily be tarnished, and have to face the repercussions of treating a customer poorly for years to come. Because of social media and the internet, our faces and information about us is accessible and customers can post reviews about companies or individuals and also confront these businesses and individuals through direct messaging. This should be the first realization for not only marketers, but anyone who is trying to build a reputation, attract clients, or prove to followers that you’re an experienced, credible professional in your field.

In my time as a sports journalist and editor, my primary goal was to give accurate information about the team I was writing about. So it was inexcusable to post an article with a title that was misleading, with the knowledge that the site could be looked at as a blog that gives out false information, and pulls the bait and switch. This can be applied to social media marketing. When displaying the product or service on your Facebook page, first think as a customer and what you would want to see from a business you shop at. Next, don’t give out false or misleading information; be up front and honest with factual information. Lastly, don’t just tell your customers why they should buy the product or service, but show them. Link to other sites that backup the information you’re telling people. By giving the customer independent information, it further validates your credibility.

Always have your customers’ best interest in mind. Treat them well, and they will return. That’s why social media can change the perception consumers have towards marketers and advertisers in general. Show them that you’re as much of a customer as they are. Be real and honest, and you’ll have customers for life who will return and spend their money for your product or service. We all see the fake side of social media when used for personal use, but for businesses, this is your opportunity to show how real and serious of a company you are. A customer’s trust is crucial to have a surviving and thriving business, and with social media marketing, you can prove to everyone why they should buy your products, or walk into your store.

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