Major Changes To The Boston Skyline Already Underway


It’s an exciting time to be a Bostonian, as for the first time since the Prudential building and Hancock Tower were constructed, the city skyline is going to be radically different that will add a modernization to the city itself. While Boston is smaller than New York, with these new developments, Boston is going to aspire to be like their bigger Northeast brother and other bigger cities along the Atlantic. However, the towers that are either already under construction or have been given the go-ahead will not bring in major corporations, but will be for residential use. There is no indication as to how this affects the city economically, but to see multiple construction sites sprouting up, it might be a very good sign that the local economy is getting back on its feet. It’s safe to say that this is the biggest construction boom since the Big Dig.

1) 1 Dalton Street/Four Seasons


The Prudential is getting a new neighbor as a 60 story residential tower/hotel will be constructed next to the Christian Science Plaza. Four Seasons has recently jumped on board, and they will be managing the first 20 of the 60 floors with 211 hotel rooms. There will also be a spa and health club in the tower as well to add to this luxurious high rise. When finished it will be by far the tallest residential tower in Boston, measuring 699ft, and will join the Hancock Tower and the Prudential as the tallest buildings in the city. Boston has always wanted to add another skyscraper to create the architectural Big Three, and it looks like their dream is coming true.

2) Millenium Tower


If you haven’t been to Downtown Crossing, the old Filene’s building is being replaced with a 625ft 56 story luxury condo high rise that will also bring retail stores. Another residential tower that is going to dominate the downtown side of the skyline is already being constructed, and sales registrations for it’s 450 units have begun. The second tallest residential tower being built in Boston will have it’s time to shine for a while before it’s taller counterpart, 1 Dalton Street/Four Seasons gets underway.

3) Copley Place Tower/Simon Tower


Another project that has been waiting in the shadows to be approved has been given the green light. Copley Place Tower will also be 625ft tall, 52 stories, and will be for residential and retail purposes. This project had been delayed for a while, but along with the resurgence of building in the city, it appears that the other construction sites at least had a hand in influencing the movement from proposition to beginning of construction.

4) TD Garden Tower

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This has been proposed for a while, and it appears it’s finally been given approval to be constructed. The 600ft 45 story residential tower near the TD Garden is going to make Boston fans who desire to live in the city very happy, as they’ll be within walking distance to watch a Celtics or Bruins game. It hasn’t been said whether TD Garden Tower will be all luxury condo’s like Millennium Tower and Four Seasons, but it will be for residential use as well.

What does this building boom mean for the city?

Mayor Walsh has expressed the need for more housing for middle income families and households throughout the city, and maybe with that, more businesses will be attracted to move to Boston. Some of the biggest supporters of these building plans are from across the ocean, and with that, there has been a revitalization of confidence in this city and it’s economic potential. While these buildings are just for residential use, there is the possibility that other developments may sprout up that will create those jobs for residents to live and work in the city.

The next few months and years are going to be exciting; not only is the skyline changing, but possibly Boston’s economy as well.

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