Car Dealerships: You Should Be Selling An Experience, Not Just The Car

Even in the year of 2015, car buyers have a very negative perception of car dealerships. Go on Twitter, search the term “car dealerships” and you get many disgruntled consumers who aren’t happy about going to a dealership or spending any amount of time at one, even when they’re buying a new car. There are some tweeters who are complaining about the lack of free coffee or refreshments. At a few dealerships I’ve stopped at, I had the option of getting a bagel, coffee, and bottled water. Dealerships out there are missing out on a great opportunity to change the perceptions of car shoppers, and social media is the best way to create a positive vibe.

Mercedes Benz of Burlington, Massachusetts is about to reshape how consumers buy cars. While there are probably dozens of others in this state or across the country catering to and treating consumers like they really matter, many still haven’t caught on or marketed their upscale customer service specials. Mercedes Benz of Burlington feeds their customers with gourmet food and coffee, offers manicures, and car washes while they wait. Not only are the cars luxury and arguably best in class, but by treating their customers special, the word of mouth and the amount of referrals from happy car buyers will pay dividends in the short and long term.

If your dealership offers comforts that many potential car buyers don’t expect, you have to make that aware to them. You’re no longer just selling a car, you’re selling an experience. Jordan’s Furniture in Wakefield and Patriot Place in Foxboro were the beginning of a new trend, and they were far ahead of the curve. Bob Kraft doesn’t just own the Patriots, he owns an empire that is attracting fans, even during the offseason. Jordan’s Furniture draws customers despite the fact that some have no intention of buying furniture on that particular day. Mercedes Benz of Burlington, because of their special services and the treatment of their customers, will attract customers who probably were loyal BMW and Audi owners. This is the direction in which the industry is heading in.

You might ask, “How do we make potential car buyers aware of our high quality customer service?” The answer is simple. Use social media to your advantage. That’s where all your customers are, and by being friendly and acting human, you will change the perception car buyers have of car dealerships. That’s the biggest problem in the auto industry, lack of trust. You have to build that trust by posting quality and valuable content that makes customers engage on your social media pages. Show the friendly and comfortable environment your dealership offers. Post photos of your inventory and showroom. Give people visual appetizers so they’re comfortable when they walk into your doors.

Mercedes Benz of Burlington has got the right idea, and they’re executing to perfection when it comes to social media. They’re using all the major platforms and posting native content showing their best cars. You have to do the same or the dealership down the street who’s got a strong social media presence will steal your business. It’s 2015, it’s time to start marketing like it.

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