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Social Media Matters: Twitter Incorporating an Analytics Page?

A few days ago, I received an email from Twitter for one of my accounts, giving me information on the amount of views I got on a particular link I posted. It told me what was the most popular tweet I shared during the week, and also how many followers I accumulated. As most of you know or have probably seen, Twitter has made changes to profile pages, making all tweets more vivid and enabling you to put a popular tweet at the top of your Twitter timeline. With these subtle add ons and changes, could we be seeing the future and growing potential Twitter may have for businesses both big and small?

The first thought that came to mind with the analytics email was that this would be an important tool to gauge how effective marketing and advertising on Twitter really is. This also gives the user valuable information as they’ll get a better idea as to what content draws the most views and creates buzz. Right now that is what’s lacking from Twitter, and while your website’s analytics page gives you certain information, it doesn’t exceed the boundaries of the site itself.

If this becomes an added feature to Twitter, this further enhances the effectiveness of social media marketing, and gives the business owner another tool to see what works for the company and what doesn’t. Search engine optimization is slowly being replaced by social media optimization, which unlike Google, Yahoo, and Bing, targets a specific audience and gives the customer or viewer exactly what they want. This also works for the marketer or business owner, as social media is beginning to drive more traffic to sites making keywords obsolete as opposed to hashtags, which are being used across most social media apps.

Also by giving the statistics on what the most popular tweet of the week was, it then lets the account manager know what gets attention and how other users respond to it. Instead of sitting around thinking of what to Tweet next or thinking of a clever statement, companies could use the same blueprint based off the analytics to tailor to a specific audience, something that they don’t have right now, forcing them to use their own judgment. If business owners know what makes their followers tick, they’ll continue posting content that creates interaction and further development of the customer base on social media.

Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media outlets are the future of marketing and advertising, and receiving an email from Twitter that gives me information on my tweets and links, proves that how businesses reach potential customers is changing. It will be interesting to see if Twitter does in fact implement an analytics page on the site itself, or continue sending emails to their users. Either way, this could be vital to a business, especially those who market and advertise on social media.

However, the only question that has to be raised is whether this will be used for businesses only. Analytics to companies and marketers are extremely important, but to a high schooler or college student who has no interest in either career paths wouldn’t find an analytics page useful.

Social Media Matters: Startups Need To Obtain A Following Before Thriving

It sounds quite simple, but so easily forgotten. Startups must acquire a following before posting web content and utilizing SEO. How can this be accomplished? Looking to social media is the best way to grow a following even before your company is ready for business.

As important as SEO is to a business, you need a loyal following to grow the customer base. Continuously posting web content will get you higher on the search engines, but if you’re new to blogging or a startup business, researching SEO shouldn’t be the top priority. You need readers, buyers, and clients, and social media speeds up the process, as you can target the customers you know will be buying your products or calling for the services you offer.

Some business owners and independent bloggers who don’t know SEO, will suffer the consequences as they’ll post content, but no one will be reading. Facebook and Twitter can offer a remedy, and by spending as little as $5 a day, they’ll be sending ads to users who will be interested in the blog, business, or just the Facebook page itself. Once you have a decent following, then start sharing the content, and because they were specifically targeted, they most likely have friends who are interested in the same topic or product. This is a form of buzz marketing, and it works. If SEO isn’t you’re strong suit, look to social media.

Social media is the future; it’s an inexpensive way to market and advertise your business and or blog. What makes Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for a business so great is that you’ve got the skills to maintain your social media outlets because you’ve already spent countless hours on these sites by using your own personal accounts. Some business owners are intimidated by this form of marketing, but it’s one the most rewarding and effective ways to make your company profitable.

As I’ve said in previous articles I have written, social media marketing allows you to talk with customers on a personal level, making the customer/owner relationship worth much more than in previous decades. You can interact with them and gauge what’s working, and what isn’t when it comes to both your communication and even business. As the saying goes, “The customer is always right”. Whether you believe it or not, those are the people who are making your wallet grow as long as you give them what they’re asking for.