Twitter – The Most Misused Social Media Platform

When you think of Twitter, a 140 character limit, a constant refreshing newsfeed, and the ability to post as many tweets a day without spamming your followers probably comes to mind. However, 95% of users, including social media marketing experts, have completely misused the platform despite growing a large following. For some, the user’s name immediately draws in followers such as household brands, athletes, and hollywood stars. Yet, for those who are trying to build their own brand from essentially nothing, their course of action on Twitter must be different from people who have been in the game for years who have transferred their followers and customers over from other platforms.

Twitter, much like Facebook and Instagram, is often looked at as a self promotion platform where wannabe influencers in any market try building their credibility through promoting their blog articles and YouTube videos. It’s the attitude of social media marketing experts that have completely distorted the minds of their followers, and have shaped them into believing that what worked for the expert will work for the individual who’s looking to build a large following. But when you look at the people who are succeeding on Twitter, there is a different approach they use to grow a following; brand reinforcement.

Brand reinforcement for you or your business on Twitter starts with retweeting, favoriting, and following others in your niche market. Forget about self promotion; it’s almost as bad as hard selling, except you’re hard selling yourself, and if no one is listing to what you have to say, you’re not going to grow a following that will engage with you or your blog posts. Social media experts get away with nonstop self promotion because they make a living off individuals who don’t know where to start on social media platforms, and as a result, they’ll mirror those who they deem to be credible or reliable.

Your business and or your personal brand’s growth on Twitter, will require a different path because you need to stand out from your competition. Twitter has evolved into an alternative news source, and if you can get ahead of your competition by becoming the “reporter” or lead blogger in your field, you’ll be worth far more than anyone else offering the same services or selling similar products in your market.

Maybe you’re a personal trainer or an experienced weightlifter looking to grow a following so you can share your expertise to become a credible source of information on social media. Twitter is the perfect platform, as you can retweet others who share similar philosophies on training while you’re posting your own tweets. Those articles you’re retweeting are reinforcing your position on weightlifting. Combining that with your own content, whether that be articles on your own blog or YouTube videos that you produce, your voice and insight will carry much more weight (no pun intended) and add to your credibility.

The question people need to ask themselves before they become influencers is, “Where do I start”? Brand building is a very long process, which is why before promotion, you need to reinforce who you are and what you’re offering. Anyone can create an account and start spewing every ounce of information they’ve retained over the years, but without having any credibility or brand to promote, your insight will fall on deaf ears.

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