Marketing for the New 2015 Jeep Renegade: How to Attract Buyers

It is no secret that Jeep and Chrysler are owned by the Italian car manufacturer Fiat, who has slowly changed the face of the two proud American car makers. Fiat has pushed their own models in marketing and advertising as the 500 and 500L are a new concept to the United States as smaller, European style vehicles that aren’t known to post strong sales figures in America. Yesterday, Jeep unveiled their new Renegade, which will be the newest model and crossover the car manufacturer has released. However, being small and based off the Fiat 500L, what is the company’s marketing strategy for this vehicle?

Unlike all the other models such as the Wrangler, Cherokee, Liberty, Patriot, and Compass, the Renegade doesn’t appear to be the traditional Jeep that can tackle different types of terrain that mother nature throws at it. To go along with tradition, Jeep owners want an SUV that is dependable, can go through snow and dirt, and is built like a truck. The Renegade on the other hand, is based off of small Italian cars that are primarily used in the city, which then raises questions about the fuel economy it gets, as other Jeep models aren’t the most fuel efficient in the city on the market today.

With the Renegade making it’s debut at the Geneva Motor Show, we’ll get a better understanding about the vehicle itself, it’s benefits, fuel economy, type of engine, and more importantly, the price.

From the limited pictures that have been released the backdrop is the woods or areas that aren’t the city or suburbs. But could Jeep tailor to a broader customer base, and how could they achieve this? Seeing that the Renegade is small, it’s likely that it will get decent gas mileage and is easier to navigate in the city, making this vehicle perfect for all conditions. This Jeep is perfect for the adult who works and or lives in the city, the badge that it carries on the front and back of the car is from an automaker who’s known to build the best vehicles for winter, and it should have the carrying capacity that rivals other crossovers.

With this vehicle in particular, it should be marketed in a city environment as well, not just in the outdoor setting that only refers to the owners who take their Jeep on camping trips. This is a great opportunity for the manufacturer to subtly change their image with the Renegade by making it city friendly, especially with it’s size. Because Fiat already holds this reputation with their 500 and 500L, the same can be done with this very small Jeep when it hits the showrooms across America.

This crossover may also appeal to the younger generation as it’s sporty and shouldn’t be too expensive.

With any company or product, making even the smallest of changes can be risky, and for a car manufacturer such as Jeep, this is a new look. Priority number one is to market this vehicle to those who prefer smaller crossovers and vehicles that can navigate through city streets. The Renegade could definitely be a hit with younger drivers, especially since they’re the ones who will be future consumers and car drivers.

Jeep is moving in the right direction and it will be exciting to see the reception the Renegade gets from the public. Fiat’s influence is certainly visible, but let’s see if that’s what the American consumer wants.


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