Marketing Your Business Or Product Through Storytelling

Scott Beale / iWoman / CC BY-NC-ND

In this day and age, the last thing you probably want to see from companies is an annoying ad that jumps on your screen that slows you down from watching a video or reading an important article. We’re now living in a time where businesses don’t have to waste money marketing with written ads, TV commercials, outdoor marketing, or even email marketing, which has seen a decline in effectiveness since social media’s emergence. With that being said, these same businesses can make a two minute video that captures your attention and emotions towards a particular product and make those two minutes worth your time. However, businesses don’t capitalize on storytelling, despite the fact that they have all the tools at their disposal.

Toyota paired up with Buzzfeed to create a funny two minute video comparing your first car, which was probably a lemon, and your real first car that’s new, clean, and cool to look at. By comparing how we treat both cars, any driver can relate. My first car had no power windows, no power locks, and a horrible sound system. I didn’t care if was clean on the outside, all that mattered was that it drove. But when the new car came around, you can believe that there were strict rules about eating and drinking in the car. This video was promotion for a Toyota Corolla, and by creating that emotional connection, viewers could easily relate. Plain and simple this was a car ad masked by using Buzzfeed to help promote the car by telling a story.

The question that I’ve asked myself is why aren’t other car companies or even businesses doing this? It’s one thing to create a cute 30 second TV commercial, but it’s quite another to get a reaction to a longer, well thought out video that gets immediate results. I’m not interested in a Corolla, but for 20 somethings who are in need of a car, they may consider buying the Toyota because of Buzzfeed’s marketing and storytelling that got the viewer thinking and made them reminisce about the old days.

As a business owner of a web design company, BostonWebWorx, I know the difficulties of trying to create a website by yourself. It’s not easy, and most web design books don’t help because they assume that you have some understanding of the basics, which we all know we weren’t taught in school. By once being that teenager trying to create his first blog and spending more time on the appearance than the content, I know that feeling and frustration. With my business and team I’ve assembled, web design has become very simple, and best of all, because we use WordPress designs, there’s less hassle and no headaches for you. Google analytics and SEO are already taken care of, and if you want to change the content a few months later you can easily do so when you log into your account.

Because I can relate to the customers, I know where they’re coming from, I understand their frustration, and I can offer them a website they’ll be excited about. Just as the Toyota Corolla ad through Buzzfeed, they knew who they were targeting, understood their frustration, and offered a solution by showing off their Corolla to the audience they know are in need of a car. That’s how you market through storytelling. Most ads that you see on TV don’t create any connection which is why they don’t see a strong ROI. You need to tell a story, and with social media and Youtube you can accomplish that.

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