Hyundai and Volvo Village of Danvers Is The Epitome of Great Customer Service

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We’ve all heard of, or have experienced buying a car at some stage in our lives, and depending on who you talk to, it was either great or extremely horrible. ¬†For the past few weeks I was looking at getting a vehicle due to the amount of driving I do on a weekly basis. Opportunity came knocking on my door as Hyundai and Volvo Village in Danvers Massachusetts had a car that was perfect and exactly what I needed. An hour and half after I had taken a test drive, the car was mine. However, the customer service is what really made the difference.

Before going up to see the car, I was focused on paying attention to the dealer and customer service itself more than the vehicle that I was interested in. Seeing everything from a marketing and business perspective, I wanted to understand the industry on a local level. Just from a customer service standpoint, I was impressed and still haven’t ceased raving about the experience I had at Hyundai and Volvo Village.

After the test drive and negotiations my dad and I were offered bottles of water, which surprised me since other car dealerships didn’t show that same friendliness. Small acts of kindness definitely goes a long way, and as a consumer, it created confidence is this dealership. The night I picked the car up everything went smoothly, the dealer thoroughly went through all the details about the car itself and even filled my car’s tank to full before I drove it home.

Hyundai and Volvo Village of Danvers really is the epitome of great customer service. Everyone who works there is friendly and welcoming, making it a comfortable environment to buy a vehicle. Needless to say, I’m so impressed with my experience there that I will drive the 31 miles to have my car serviced, and hopefully purchase my next vehicle there.

This is how customer service should be across the board, whether car dealerships or small businesses along a main street. If you treat your customers with respect and give them a sense that you really care about their well-being when they’re purchasing your product, they will return, guaranteed. If your clients or customers have to sit at a desk and fill out paperwork or sit in the waiting area, make them feel as close to home as possible. Waiting to pick my car up, the receptionist said that we could change the channel on the TV and help ourselves to coffee and cocoa, which again, isn’t seen or heard of in many places.

The friendliness and engagement of conversations also eased the apprehensiveness of buying a first vehicle. When customers enter your store, be friendly and interact; not only does it make them comfortable, but it shows that your business is warm and open. What I experienced last Saturday was the perfect example of a quality brand, and as I’ve said in previous articles, that alone can be your best form of marketing.

No doubt I’ll be telling my friends and relatives about Hyundai and Volvo Village of Danvers, and I’m sure other customers have too. Marketing can take many forms, and if your customers are that satisfied with your service, you’ve already succeeded in drawing in clientele. For the small business owner, this is how you should run your store and customer service. Add that to marketing on social media and starting a blog, and you’ve mastered the art of advertising and customer relations.


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