Car Dealerships Fall Short When It Comes to Marketing

In many industries we can sit at the desk in our offices and find a blueprint to effective marketing in the business sector we work in. Finding experienced professionals on the Internet or social media who have created content on marketing strategies for businesses are a dime a dozen, but in some industries it’s not as easy to find marketers who are sharing their knowledge on what works and doesn’t. The automotive market is one of the most directionless sectors when it comes to advertising, social media, and digital marketing in the 21st century. Why? Because content for car dealerships requires involvement, rather than automation.

For small or regional businesses, automation was the worst strategy imposed by marketers on thousands of businesses across the country. Car dealerships are immune to automation because there’s a level of involvement in the car buying process that marketers don’t deal with when selling household items or services; the product itself. Buying a vehicle is much more difficult than buying drapes or curtains, because there’s a number of factors that come into play: interior space, cargo room, drivetrain, horsepower, reliability, and appearance. It’s these same factors that keep marketers away, as to effectively market vehicles they’re required to leave their office and create the content themselves, rather than promote infographics on Facebook.

Car dealerships of all sizes are leaderless in the marketing realm because no one, up to this point, has been willing to take the risk and completely revolutionize how customers buy cars. Yes there are many apps that help aid dealerships, but at the end of the day, they do absolutely nothing to draw potential customers into the showroom. For far too long dealerships have promoted their brand, posted ads in the newspaper, or created banners ads on web pages and then waited for interested viewers to click on the link and hopefully contact that dealership.

In 2017 that can all change by taking the content to the customer on social media and the web. Instead of waiting for people to walk through your doors, your content will reach them in their homes and on their mobile devices. Today, with the power of digital media, your dealership can create YouTube videos and pictures that will be posted on your Facebook page where they can be promoted and shared to people who are in the market for a new vehicle. The days of old school marketing are behind us, and it’s time to add a new dimension to your marketing efforts.

Right now no one has stepped up to the plate and changed an entire industry for the better. Few have come close, but because they don’t have a marketing or business background, they’ve completely missed on the opportunity to revolutionize car buying. In 2017, generate more sales by committing to a social media marketing strategy. As the years pass, your competition will begin to utilize social media, and that’s why it’s imperative that you take the initiative to be first, grabbing the attention of customers in your area.

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