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Marketing Matters: What Are Some Contractors and Home Builders Not Doing?


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Depending on who you talk to, some contractors and home builders are doing well and are having no problem finding work while others are struggling. In an economy that seems to be up and down constantly, and some regions of the country prospering more than others, what can these contractors and home builders do from a marketing standpoint that they haven’t explored yet? Is advertising for this industry really as easy as snapping a photo and posting it on social media? Yes.

If you’ve read my previous articles on social media, you know that I’m a big buyer into Instagram, a site that seamlessly allows users to post pictures they’ve taken and share them to the world. Home builders and contractors should listen up; not many in my region of New England have done this yet and it might be different elsewhere. Whether you’re a carpenter, remodeler, painter, electrician, or plumber, frequently post pictures of your work. Show viewers the new wooden floor you installed and what it looked like before you started, or for the other contractors mentioned, post pictures of the difference from your work to what was already existing in that room.

For the home builders out there, go on Instagram and share the work your company has done in a neighborhood, the houses you’ve built, not only the interior, but exterior. Create a blog; explain and illustrate the houses that you and your team constructed. Explain why you’re different from all the other home builders out there, and how you’re going to be worth the customer’s time and money. Across the board, this industry captures many viewers attention and for those who need a remodel, a new floor put in, or a completely new house, you can show them by the previous work you have done.

Houses are one of the essentials in life which means many people want to own or rent one. Instagram is a social media site that can help market and advertise what you do, unlike the yellow pages or even a website. A few pictures a day from the interior to the exterior says a lot more than a 500 word about us page. It’s also not a bad idea to create a Youtube account giving the viewer a live look at the house, and give them a better picture as to what the rooms will look like with their furniture.

There have been trying times in the housing market, but with social media you can advertise without spending a dollar, and the potential clientele you’re reaching by using these sites are greater than if you handed out flyers or created an ad in the yellow pages.

In a good or bad economy people need their houses repaired both internally and externally, and by posting pictures, creating a Facebook and Twitter page, you’ll give the potential customer a reason to spend money. That’s the key. Successful marketing isn’t just having an ad here or there, it needs to be so good that the customer has a desire to pay you money so that their floor looks new, the plumbing and electrical circuits are fixed, or the addition is done perfectly.

Unlike most industries, the housing market is a place where people constantly dream, and along with that comes emotions and wants in their houses since they were young. You’ve got to fulfill that, and by gaining their trust through Instagram and other social media sites, it can be done without spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on advertising.

As with all companies and businesses in any sector, you have tools that can be used to help market what you’re selling and the services you provide. Social media is a game changer and should be utilized in any way possible. You don’t need to be in a home design magazine, Instagram will do that for you, and the best part, it’s free.